The Magic Labyrinth

The Magic Labyrinth is a kid’s game that all the family can enjoy. Object of the game is to collect some lost objects that the little magician lost in the magic maze and collect them before the Master notices that they were lost. Getting through the maze is not easy matter because the little magicians bump against invisible walls. It takes lots of skill and a good memory to find their way through the maze.

The Magic Labyrinth.

Each character has to move through the board but the tricky part is that the board is on two levels. Under the top board is a labyrinth. When the character hits a wall it fall through to the labyrinth and you have to begin again.

Watch the following video to see how to play The Magic Labyrinth.

How to Play Killer Bunnies.

Board Game without a Board.

While the Killer Bunnies Quest games don’t usually need a board they play almost like a board game. Killer Bunnies are non collectible card games played with 110 delightful bunny cards, cabbage cards, water cards, etc. and special 6 12-sided dice. It is a fast and exciting game. For children there is an easier version called Kinder Bunny.

The following is an excellent video demonstrating how to play Killer Bunnies:

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