Spinergy depends on players’ imagination

It’s sometimes hard to figure out when to bring out the games when you’re having a party.

But Spinergy, a new game from GnuGames, takes care of that problem with an elegantly designed board (the “G,” or random word generator) that you can leave out for display.

And instead of depending on random bits of trivia, the game calls for an active imagination.

Players spin the wheels of the G, which generates three words, all of which must be used in a particular scenario.

For example, a player might spin and get the words cactus, vanish and captain and draw a scenario card that says, “Create a tongue-twister.” The player then has two minutes to compose his or her answer.

With two sets of word rings for the G and 200 scenario cards, there are more than 1.5 billion combinations possible, which means you won’t need that second or third edition to keep the game interesting. (However, GnuGames is planning a number of Spinergy SpinOffs, which will include add-on word rings and scenario cards to create even more combinations.)

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