Hungry for family entertainment that will make you laugh until your belly aches and you’re falling-down dizzy? Our clan of four road tested Spinergy, and we unanimously give this $50 game a thumbs up. Created by GnuGames, Inc., this energetic mindgame involves creating scenarios, poems and stories on the spot using the words you spin on the circular game piece. What do “jukebox,” “forgery” and “eclipse” have in common? Nothing until you draw a card that tells you to write a convincing T-shirt slogan using these three words. You’ll never get tired of engaging in Spinergy, and its creators are already developing spinoff word rings with themes such as sports, romance and more. Give it a whirl, and do some mental gymnastics at the same time! Spinergy is available at the Cantor Arts Center Giftshop, Stanford University, Palo Alto. 650/725-2775. K.C.L.

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