If you dread the sports questions in Trivial Pursuit or glaze over when it’s not your turn during Pictionary, consider giving Spinergy a whirl. You’ll know it’s different from the moment you review the directions and stumble upon this suggestion: “The following guidelines have been provided to get you started. Feel free to imagine a whole new way of playing.”

The stated objective of Spinergy is to compose on-the-spot stories, using a random set of words and a Scenario card. For example: including the words “jukebox,” “forgery” and “eclipse,” compose a prenup for your spouse-to-be – all in sixty seconds.

The brainchild of New Mexico-based designer Kristina Kershner, Spinergy is not just enjoyable; it’s visually appealing, a cross between Karim Rashid’s lime-and-tangerine chess set and a carnival’s wheel-of-chance. Like the parlor games of yore, this is a set you’ll want to leave on the coffee table. Indeed, when placed next to Spinergy, most other games will seem positively square.

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