Risk Now and Then

Social Media Risk.

Modifying board games for the computer has been going on for a while now and the guys at Ufunk have given it a new twist. They have mapped out their Risk of Social Media.

Social Medial Risk Board Game.

Original Risk Board Game.

The following short and interesting video shows the original game of Risk and how it was presented.

2 Responses to “Risk Now and Then”

Yes, there is a Wheel of Fortune board game. A few board games my family and I enjoy cunlide Scrabble, Mancala, Chess, Checkers, Chinese Checkers, the Game of lLfe, Trivial Pursuit, Apples to Apples, Cranium,Taboo, and Pictionary. The younger kids also enjoy Operation and Memory (Concentration).

Hi Daria, You and your family enjoy a great selection of board games. Have you tried any of the Euro Games? They are perfect for family games. There are dozens of them including Tally Ho! where the hunters become the hunters. Lots of fun and excitement. Then there is Puerto Rico and Carcassonne for starters. I think you all might get lots of fun from them.

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