Monopoly has taken a new twist in the social media age. The guys at uFunk designed a new Monopoly for the 21st century. Board games have been modified and changed over the last few years. Most of the ones I’ve checked out are the electronic versions. The board is newly designed. You can even download a full copy here.

Go to uFunk to download the Mashable and Technorati cards. Play it now. Or just check it out for fun.

Social Media Monopoly.

Technorati card for social Media Monopoly.

Mashable card for social Media Monopoly.

Monopoly zAAPed.

Monopoly for the 21st Century.

It’s just not the same. Monopoly without the piles of banknotes? That’s not the same game that I’ve known for more decades than I am willing to admit. There was always extra excitement to the game when a player palmed a few stolen $5 and $10 notes from the bank. Ok, so some of my friends were not always “playing the game” but it was fun anyway.

Now Hasbro has a new version of Monopoly where players can use an iPhone or iPad Touch to enable virtual accounts with a bank card. No more handling banknotes and counting money. I don’t know how anyone else feels about this but to me it’s like eating a tomato without salt.

The following video demonstrates this new Monopoly zAAPed. Let me know what you think. Traditional Monopoly or the 21st century game?

Medieval Board Games.

Handmade Chess & Board Games.

Board Games have been around for thousands of years all over the world where ever there were people with a bit of time to spare. Early boards were stone with carved depressions. Some boards were played on the ground with small holes cut in the earth or sand. Mancala games came from Africa and is still played in the United States.

Chess has always been the most popular board games of all times beginning in India with variations spreading worldwide. Early chess was different from the game that we now know which has remained unchanged since the end of the 15th century.

The following video displays some beautiful handmade medieval chess and other board games.

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Chess with a Difference.


Dragonchess 3 Dimensional Boards.

Dragonchess was invented by GAry Gygax in 1985 and published in Dragon Magazine #100. That version of Dragon Chess is played as a three dimensional fantasy game with one board over the other as shown in this picture.

Three 8 x 12 boards are stacked one above the other. As in regular chess the near fight corner square is white. Each board represents another location. Top board is sky; middle board is earth and bottom board is the underworld. Pieces are Sylph, Griffin and Dragon on the top board; Oliphant, Unicorn, Hero, Thief, Cleric, Mage, King, Paladin, and Warrior on the middle board; Basilisk, Elemental and Dwarf. Each piece as its own value and its own individual move. With its many pieces and varied rules a game can be long and slow.

Dragon Chess.

Dragon Chess Set.

Another interesting version of this game is Dragon Chess with two dragons and 2 extra pawns and a longer board with 124 squares. Play Dragon Chessfor a change of pace. Board pictured here can be used for both Dragon Chess and standard chess.

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