How to win at scrabble

What’s up guys. In this article for square words I’m going to walk you through how to win at Scrabble almost every time. So how this information is going to work is. I’m going to start off by introducing some of the best tips that I recommend and then afterward I’m going to play a sample game utilizing these tips.

Tip number one

So the first tip is to make effective use of double and triple squares. Scrabble is not all about making the longest and most complex word. You can often get as much if not more points by just smartly playing a simple word on these multiplier squares.

Tip number two

Is to try to memorize all the Scrabble to letter words and I didn’t put it on here but as many of the three-letter words as well. The two letter words pop up all over the place. There’s over a hundred of them and several of these words contain high point letters such as X, Z and Q. So you can memorize these. You can play them all the time and produce a ton of points.

Tip number three

The third tip is to build hook words. The simplest example of this would be to take an existing word on the board and dependent as to it to make it plural and then at the same time in an opposite direction build another word. With that you just added to the board.

Tip number four

The final tip I added for now is to be conscious of your opponent’s ability to use the multiplier squares. I mean by this is don’t you don’t have to completely avoid putting a piece down which exposes a triple word for the opponent. But just try to be conscious of

when you do that and know the risks of what the opponent might put down afterward. All right so let’s walk through these tips in a sample game.

Scrub is a game that takes a pretty long time to play. So I try to break it down as best as possible. This review still ended up being pretty long feel free to speed it up or kind of skip through things but I decided to leave most of my moves in here because different people find different things helpful.

So here with this move we’ll add an S to the word blot to make it blots and then we’ll use it as a hook word. So that we can also make the word paste in the vertical direction and I’m actually going to take it one letter further and make it paster. Another option for me would have been to keep that are in my rack and use the art as a future hook word on paste.

Alright so here in this situation we’re going to capitalize on the two letter words. One of the words I remember is I a Y. So as a result of that I can use that twice in this spot right here. So you have “I” going down and we also have “I” going across and because it’s on that triple letter we get that triple letter two times. So we get six times four which is 24 points right there plus the two A’s this is 26. Strengthen that last point here’s another perfect example to use a two letter word on a triple letter tile.

One of the the one Z term that was highlighted in the two letter. Terms is meaning pizza and we put that Z on that triple letter and we get 31 right there and that’s just two letters. As you should probably be able to tell by now. These two letter word options pop up everywhere. So once again. This next move I’m going to play the word dog by off of cadet and dog will allow me to play that double word. But it’ll also let me make that powerful two letter word “ox”. Another one of my suggestions was to be careful where you’re putting your pieces down and be kind of conscious of your opponent’s ability to use multiplier squares.

In this case it would not make sense for me to put down the word “west” here in the bottom left corner, because that “w” is a perfect position to be used by the opponent to make a triple word on the next move. That’s why I’m not going to do that. So here’s another reason why we want to memorize or two letter words the opponent just put down rugby but off of that I can make three two letter words. I can make “utt” go and B and then horizontally. That makes “tow” so I’m making four words there which adds up to a decent number of points just because I memorize those two letter words.

Another tip is to look for prefixes and suffixes etc.

That are common. For example I could make “hire” hired here. This won’t work in this case because the “DL” is a weird ending but it’s something to look for. So right now I have a “SMI” rec that I could potentially play around with. I could use it to make (rugby rugby’s) but I’m kind of weird to do that because that might expose a triple-word for the opponent to use. I think I’m going to avoid that instead I’m going to use my knowledge of three letter words and capitalize on a closeby position. Right now the opponent just played high right next to that triple word. I’m immediately thinking how I can use that on my next turn. It’s making it a little bit tough because right below high to the right is that weird word (sinks). I

can’t really make anything horizontally using that triple word on the left but what I can use. I can do is capitalize on the double the two letter words again and especially with this “K” I can make “ki”. I believe as a word a “E” is a word and then I actually kind of just randomly know that (K T) is a word. So I’m going to actually play KT but I could have just played KA as well but (KET) gets me a little bit more points. So this next word that I see is going to utilize the one two letter word with a Q in it and that’s Qi. I could put AI therefore on the double word with my blank space for 20 points. What I can do it even better is I know that Qi also has a plural form which is Q is. I could also make at the same time (dogs) and get some a bit more points there. The opponent just put down the word (res) which I immediately notice opens up the triple word tile at the top of the board. And it is open in such a way that the opponent could usually play a vertical word utilizing it on his next turn.

Right now I’m going to play defensively and block that move.

When you’re playing Scrabble one-on-one the goal is not to just get the most points for yourself. What I’m going to put down is not the best word but what it does is it prevents the opponent from getting a lot of points and in the end you want to just have more points than the opponent.

To reiterate you should always be looking at prefix and suffix words. Right now my rack I have an R and an D. So I’m looking at like redoing something or also I could switch that up and make it “ER”. I could be a fighter boxer etc and I’m looking to see where I could play that prefix slash suffix on the board. I see an opportunity to play the “ER” on palm to make it Palmer so I think I’m going to do that here shoot. As you can see my decision to play Palmer was not a very good one. It left wide open the opportunity for the opponent to play since and capitalize on that triple work in retrospect. What I should have done is counted the number of tiles remaining in the game because it was a very little about and only 3 s’s out of the total 4s is in the game had been played I should have known that there was a very high chance that my opponent had nests. I didn’t do this though and as a result the opponent capitalized on my mistake. I’m not seeing too much here as we’re getting to the end of the game. What I’m going to do is just try to get rid of all of my tiles and I’ll start off by playing this simple law and “na”. Here the reason you want to make sure you get rid of all your tiles is because at the end of the game if you have any tiles left on your rack those the some of those tiles gets deducted from your score.

So for me having a letter like “J” still in my rack is not good. I’m going to get rid of that at my next turn. I don’t see a good spot to put this “J”. I’m going to kind of just make a guess here and play “gel”. I kind of got lucky that that worked but I guess I can do that because this is an online gameю I’m having trouble seeing a spot to play both the “L” and the “T”. So I’m just going to play the “L” over here on this triple letter square and make the wordly and hopefully that’s good enough for away and I think it should be whoa and with that we won the game.

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