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During its long history chess has made many advancements until it became the game as we know it now. Medieval forms, however, are still fun to play and may be a pleasant respite from the ordinary. Board games such as Fithneal, Alea Evangelia, Mankala, Fox and Geese and Nine Man Morris were enjoyed in Europe, Africa and colonial America over the centuries and are still popular today. More and more people are returning to the gaming pleasures of our ancestors.

Skyline Chess – Bringing London to your Chess Board.

London Themed Chess Pieces.

If £25,000 can be raised by September 26 the designers of Skyline Chess will be on their way to manufacturing fabulous chess sets with each chess piece depicting an iconic structures in London.

London Chess Pieces.

When the needed monies are reached only then can the prototype chess set be manufactured and marketed in acrylic (weighted) and metal. All the chessmen can be seen in the photo on the left. A London terraced house (row house) becomes the Pawn; Gherkin shaped building is the Bishop; the London Eye (Giant Ferris wheel) is the Knight; Big Ben is the Rook; Renzo Piano’s Shard of Glass (87 story skyscraper) is, of course, the Queen; while Canary Wharf (One Canada Square, second tallest building in the U.K.) depicts the King.

It is hoped that when the London chess set comes to fruition other cities–Paris, New York, Rome, Dubai and Shanghai will become models for iconic chess pieces. Just image battling city against city on your chess board! Let’s hope that this project reaches it funding goal and gets these fabulous city skyline themed chess sets on the market.

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