Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I buy square?

A: Through this website or at a local store.

Q: Can I get new word rings with different words?

A: Yes. Colorful add-on word ring sets, called square G-Rings™, are now available. They come in four great themes that are sure to get your wheels spinning: romance, sports, chocolate and sounds. Intermix them for even more hilarious and surprising combinations!

Additional word rings are in the chute. Keep checking our website.

Q: Will you be coming out with new Scenario cards?

A: Yes. A Scenario expansion set is also in the chute. Keep checking our website.

Q: How do I get more scratch pads?

A: You can now buy a Square Refill Kit from our website, which includes scratch pads, pencils and cool Square Coasters.

Q: How do I submit entries for Square contests?

A: Check out our Contests page.

Q: How do I submit entries for Square Best Tellers™?

A: Reading what people come up with is a blast! Email your best responses (along with the three words and Scenario card title used) to [email protected] Selected entries will be posted on our website.

Q: How do I submit ideas for future Square Scenario cards?

A: We’d love to hear your ideas! Email your scenario ideas to [email protected]

Q: Does GnuGames have any other games available?

A: GnuGames intends to launch its next game in 2003. Please check back.

Q: Where are GnuGames’ headquarters?

A: Los Alamos, New Mexico. Contact Info