Fantastic Decoupage Backgammon

Hurry! Time is running out and so is our stock of fabulous decoupage backgammon sets. You have never seen any game as awesome as these. Image how delighted anyone will be when gifted with one of these backgammon sets. Backgammon is a very old game probably originating in Turkey and is still very popular today. Once you learn to play backgammon it become addictive.

Backgammon Native Design.

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Double Queens.

Pawn to Queen.

Ever wonder why some chess sets come with a double queen? If you are a checkers play you will remember that a checker that gets to your opponent’s first row (called a rank in chess) it becomes another king. A similar move happens in chess when a pawn reaches the opposite first rank. Pawn is elevated to a queen. A lowly pawn becomes the most powerful piece on the board. When this happens it is convenient to have a chess set that comes with double queens, otherwise another piece has to pretend to be a queen. It’s just nice to have a set with double queens if your game takes good care of its pawns. Imagine how powerful your game can be with 2 queens on the board!

In the following video you will see a white pawn queened and white winning with 2 queens. You will also notice the chess notations on the right of the video. In my next post I will talk about chess notation.

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5 Reasons Why You Need to Play Games.

Board Games and Card Games.

Everyone should know how to play a few simple board games and card games for purely social reasons. An evening of bridge can top off a lovely dinner party. Or a couple of friends can get together for a challenging game of chess. Who doesn’t know how to play checkers or Chinese checkers? There is no more pleasant way to pass the time with friends or family than a delightful afternoon or evening playing games.

1.) Make new friends.

There is no better way of meeting new people than joining a bridge club or a chess club. If you don’t play you can always make new friends at a bridge class or a beginner chess club where you can meet people at your own playing level.

2.) A great way for parents and children to interact.

Game playing offers children many learning opportunities while they are enjoying themselves. Family game time is beneficial to all it brings all ages together in a mutual event. Children learn sportsmanship, reasoning and critical thinking skills.

3.) Amuse yourself.

For thousands of years people have used games and puzzles for their amusement. Ancient games have come down to us through the ages and are still played today. Chess was invented to amuse kings and his court to combat boredom between wars. They could play war games on a chess board. There was little to amuse oneself in early times and games were developed for just this purpose. Now days one can still amuse ones self by playing games with friends or alone on an electronic device. Times have change but classic games remain the same.

4.) Connect with others.

You don’t need to be lonely if you know how to play games. You can always find a partner or a club where you can play your favorite game and interact with others. Games such as chess, bridge, GO, backgammon, maj yongg are among the most popular and if you know two or three of these games you should always be able to find a partner. Of course, there are many other games but I think those are the most necessary one to be able to play.

5.) Stimulate your brain.

Playing bridge keeps your brain active and boosts your immune system as well. Chess players have the advantage of increasing their IQ’s, preventing Alzheimer’s, improving their memories and learning planning and foresight among other benefits.

So if you don’t already play any games it’s about time that you did. It is not difficult and it will be good for your social life and your health. You will also enjoy the fun and the company of other game players. Click here if you need to buy some games for yourself or as a gift.

How to Match Chess Pieces with the Right Board.

Selecting Chessmen and Boards.

Chess sets can refer to complete sets with both chessmen and boards or it can mean sets of chess pieces without boards. When you find the perfect set of chessmen you will need to purchase a board separately. Not just any old board will do. Chessmen need to be properly matched by size to the board. (For tournament play: a King that measures between 3 3/8″ to 4 1/2″ with a base diameter of 40-50% of the height.) You will notice that the height and base dimensions of the king is foremost in any chess set description and the size of.

Chess Set American Emperor, Sheesham & Boxwood [30SAE-CM] the squares are always noted in board descriptions. It is the ratio of the king’s base to the squares on the board that is important in choosing the correct board for your men. For the proper square size divide the king’s base diameter by 0.78. You do have the option of adding 1/8 inch. For an easier way, you can just add 1/2 inch to the king’s base and that should give you a comfortable square. The base should have a bit of room and not touch the edge of the square not should it have too much space that it looks lost on the square.

You can find a selection of beautiful chessmen and boards as well as sets and other modern and classic board games at Chess Sets Online.

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