Chess Championship

Chess Championship 2012 Games 11-12.

Still a Draw After 12 Games Anand and Gelfand are Tied Tie Breaker Games to Begin May 30.

If Viswananthan Anand wins the tie breaker he will remain the world championship title. If Boris Gelfand wins he will become the new world champion. There is 2.55 million dollars (American) at stake in this game. Winner will receive 1.5 million dollars (60%) and the loser receives 1.02 million dollars (40%).

Tie breaker games consist of 4 games played under rapid chess rules allowing each player 25 minutes with a 10 second increment after each move. In the event of a 2-2 draw both player will play 2 blitz games allowing each one 5 minutes with a 3 second increment. If there is still a tie after 5 blitz matches a Armageddon game will have to be played. In an Armageddon game white is allowed 5 minutes and black 4 minutes. If this event comes to fruition white will be forced to win. There are questions out there that content that Armageddon games are unfair. What do you think? Leave your comments below.

The following is a video of both players before the game.

The following are comments about Game 12.

This Video is a replay and analysis of Game 12.

Chess Championship 2012 Games 9-10.

Still a Draw After 10 Games.

Anand and Gelfand are Tied.

The World Chess Championship 2012 just has 2 more games scheduled. So far both Viswananthan Anand of India and Boris Gefland of Israel are tied. Games 1-6 all ended in a draw. Gelfand won game 7 and Arnand won game 8. Games 9 and 10 each ended in a draw.

Below are videos of Games 9 and 10. Feel free to leave comments and tell me what you think of these games. Who do you think will be the final winner. Will Viswanathan Anand of India will be able to retain his world championship or will he be usurped by Boris Gelfand of Israel?

Below are two replays of Game 9 . Each of the commentators has his own unique style.

Here is Game 10.

At the end of 10 games each player is evenly matched. Only 2 more games are scheduled. They may have to play an extra game in order to break a tie.

Chess Championship 2012 Moscow Games 7-8.

The World Chess championship 2012 only has a few more games before the completion of the contest and the crowning of the winner. Contenders are the current champion , Viswanathan Anand of India and Boris Gelfand of Israel who is the challenger.

Chess Championship 2012 Moscow – Games 1-6.

6 Games – 6 Draws.

Game number 5 begins tomorrow. In the meantime we can look over the first 6 games which all ended in a draw. Maybe if we study these 6 games we might be able to predict the outcome of Game Number 7. There are only 12 games and half of them have already been played. The next few games will determine the champion — V. Anand from India or Boris Gelfand from Israel.

Chess World Championship – 2012 Moscow Games 1-3.

Boris Gelfand (Israel) vs Viswanathan Anand (India) Play in Moscow.

Game one was a draw. As were Games 2 and 3.

There will be 12 games over a three week period.

The following video talk about what to expect from the two players.

Canadian Checkers.

Le Jeu de Dames Canadien.

Montreal or Quebec Checkers.

Until a few days ago I had not been aware of the little known board game of Canadian Checkers. It differs from the traditional game of checkers because the board has 144 squares (12 x 12) and has 30 pieces on each side. It was mostly played in Quebec but is seldom played now.

Canadian Checkers Board.

It is not clear where Canadian checkers originated but there is a also a version played by elderly men in Singapore where the game is custom made as there are no manufactured ones. This same board (12×12) is used by checker players in Sri Lanka and the Dominican Republic as well. There is a legend saying that a traveler to Canada in the late 19th century tried to introduce the game of Draughts but he did not remember how many squares were on the board. The game he wanted to reproduce had 10×10 squares. As a result of his error Canadian Checkers was born.

Canadian Checkers is seldom played these days and commercial sets are mostly unavailable except as antiques or custom made. Some old ones had been found on eBay some time ago but they had been listed as “game boards” from 19th century New England where there was a French Canadian population.

The game itself combines rules from both Draughts and Checkers plus some others of its own especially Compulsive Capturing. Once a piece has captured an enemy it must continue to take all the enemy pieces that is possible. If not, the piece is lost. Pieces that have not been promoted (by reaching first rank on the enemy side) can capture both backward and forward. A queen (promoted piece) moves like the bishop in chess and can capture anywhere it can move. Canadian checkers is a strategy game that has almost disappeared and hopefully there will be enough interest to bring it back to life again.

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