Here at square words, we believe that games are wonderful and necessary. Games bring us together around a common table to interact, laugh, challenge, win and lose. Games build bridges. They teach us both strategy and diplomacy. They provide a needed and welcome distraction from daily worries and stress. They take us out of our everyday routine, help us to relax, and make it possible for something new to happen.

With this in mind, squarewords.net introduces Square™ – a game that celebrates both the individual’s imagination and the creative genius possible when people join forces to create something new.

To overcome the mental paralysis that occurs when one faces a blank page, Square provides players with three random words and a scenario. From there, players are free to build, weave and compose everything from funny jokes, hilarious tales, and simple rhymes, to new ideas, beautiful Haiku, enchanting songs, and great love stories.

Our hope is that Square will ignite the imagination of adults. Many of us have forgotten what it’s like to imagine and create. We’re busy. We’ve made choices. Even so, here at squarewords.net, we believe that you can write the next “great American novel.” You can compose the lyrics for the number one music hit of the year. You can create the plot for the next blockbuster movie. And so much more.

All you need is a catalyst. Square is that catalyst.