Square Words game

Hi. We are a group of gamers from squarewords.net. For learning, I’m going to show you a letter puzzle game. It’s called word square, and it’s a bit like a finder word, but they create the finder word as they play the game, which you’ll see what I mean. It’s suitable for students who are learning to spell around about 4 to 5 letter words, but it can be adapted for older students as well. Okay, to play this game, you want to start with a 5 by 5 grid. I’ve just drawn my own here or rolled it up. You can use grid paper or anything you’d like. You could also use a 4 by 4 grid and anything bigger than a 5 by 5 grid.

You can use it, but the bigger they are, the more difficult. It’s going to be for players to create words, but a 5 by 5 grid is good players. Take it in turns by putting a letter anywhere in the grid and the game aims to try and form words by putting in the final letter to create a word.

Let’s going to start with a B. Just here blue is going to write a T at the top corner, now red just written an A and blue has noticed that if they put a “G” here and they can spell the word B a G for a bag so the blue can give themselves one point. As players put more letters in the grid then they’ll start to notice different letter combinations that they can add to where they’re going to create a word and they can create a word in any direction. So they can go vertically, horizontally or diagonally, and they can go backward as well.

So blue can add an N here to make the word thing so they get the point and red can add an E here to make the word real and here red can add an A to make the word bare. And because they’ve added their blue has noticed there’s they can add the end to make the word ran. So that’s a point for red and a point for blue. You can also now see that even though blue got the point from using geo to go. Red can now add a tee here because there’s an a there to make the word goat and get the point. So even though those two letters have already been used in a word because red created a different word, they still get a point for it. This would also be a great game to play with the teacher playing against the whole class. So the whole class could be sitting there looking at all the letter combinations trying to think of words that they could spell now.

The game finishes when all the spaces have been used up by letters. And if you’d like to change the game a little bit, you could change the point system and maybe give players points on the number of letters. So if they spell a five-letter word like thing, then they get five points etc. And if they’d like to when they finish, students can give the game to maybe one of their friends and see if their friend can find all the words that they created.

Well if you liked that game then please play it with your class and can you also like our website’s page.

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